The solvent extraction method for oil production is based on the principle of extraction, using an organic solvent(usually hexane or No. 6 solvent) that can dissolve oil. After the solvent contacts with the oil through soaking or spraying, the oil in the cake can be extracted.

Technology process
Solvent extraction is, soak the oil flakers (or pre-pressed cake) in the selected solvent to dissolve the oil in the solvent (composition of the mixed oil), then separate the mixed oil from the solid residue (or dregs), and then evaporate the mixed oil at different boiling points, stripping, so that the solvent is vaporized into vapor and separated from the oil, thereby obtaining grease (extracted crude oil). The solvent vapor is condensed, cooled and recovered and then reused. The meal also contains a certain amount of solvent, and the dried meal is obtained after desolventizing and drying. The solvent vapor volatilized during desolventizing and drying is still condensed and cooled for recycling.
Usually has three types extractor: rotocel extractor, chain type extractor, and loop type extractor.

Process flow and equipement
1. Cake solvent extraction process:

Main equipment: storage bin, sealed auger, extractor (Rotocel extractor, loop extractor).
2. Wet meal desolvation and drying process
Wet meal → scraper conveyor → DTDC → finished meal → cooling → storage3. Miscella evaporation stripping process:
Miscella filter→ Miscella storage→ First evaporator→ Second evaporator→ Stripping tower→ Extraction crude oil
Main equipment: filter, miscella tank, first evaporator, second evaporator, stripper, crude oil tank, and cude oil pump.

4. Solvent gas consendate and cooling process:

Equipment: Condenser (tube and tube condenser, spray condenser, channel condenser), water separator, balance tank, steam tank.

Mode Capacity (t/d) Transition(mm) Speed(m/r) Power (kW)
JCP600 200 φ6000 129 3
JCP660 300 φ6600 130 4
JCP740 400 φ7400 90~120 4
JCP900 600 φ9000 90~120 4

1. Adopt negative pressure evaporation process to save steam and solvent consumption.
2. The loop type extractor adopts chain drive, low rotate speed, stable operation, and less maintenance cost;
3. The advanced design of mixed oil circulation principle is beneficial to reduce the input of fresh solvent, reduce the residual oil in the meal, increase the concentration of mixed oil, and achieve the purpose of energy saving by reducing the amount of evaporation;
4. The self-cleaning mixed oil filter matched with the extractor is a new patented product specially developed by our company, which effectively filters the meal powder in the mixed oil.
5. The design of the leaching system can be adjusted freely according to different materials and required output and technological effects, which is especially suitable for the leaching of various pre-pressed cakes or oils.

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