This automatic hydraulic oil press is mainly used to squeeze oil crops with high oil content, such as sesame, peanut, walnuts, camellia seed, black seed, almonds and other crops.

Product Description
This automatic hydraulic oil press is mainly used to squeeze oil crops with high oil content, such as sesame, cashews, walnuts, camellia, pine nuts, almonds and other crops. Fully automatic hydraulic oil press, high pressure, high output, and equipped with electronic control device, temperature control, simple and easy to operate.In addition,cold pressing and hot pressing process can both be used. The surface of the machine is chrome-plated. The base and main body are made of low-carbon steel and stainless steel. The surface of the machine has high hardness, high wear resistance, smooth work and long service life.

Model Power(KW) Heater Power (KW) Working Pressure
Pushing force of working
Inner Diameter Of Pressing Barrel
Working Stroke Of Piston
Capacity(kg/h) Weight(KG) Overall Dimensions
6YZ-180 1.1 1.5 50 150 180 260 20k 510 750*800*1200
6YZ-260 1.5 2 55 190 230 300 50 850 800*700*1400
6YZ-300 3 2 55 200 300 450 100 1500 1000*1150*1750
QYZ-410 2.2 4 50 120 410 550 80 1200 1400*1150*2200
QYZ-460 3 4 50 150 460 550 110 1800 1800*1600*2600
QYZ-500 4 4 50 352 500 700 200 2800 2910*1150*1620

1. Hydraulic oil press, imported Korean technology, beautiful appearance, high pressure, low power consumption and low noise.
2. The driving part is composed of drive shaft, worm gear, worm, gear pump, high pressure pump, overflow valve, air cylinder, etc.
3. The hydraulic pump can withstand high temperatures. When the oil temperature exceeds 65°C, the machine runs smoothly without cooling devices and has a long service life.
4. Only physical pressing is used, the cold pressing process will not produce high temperature, will not damage the organic components of the oil, the oil output is high in purity, and the product quality is good.
5. Fully automatic hydraulic oil press machine adopts advanced electronic control system, easy to operate, small footprint, especially suitable for family and workshop use.
6. The hydraulic oil press machine can also dehydrate, de-oil and de-liquid chemical raw materials,such as white clay and activated carbon.

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