The sunflower oil production line mainly includes sunflower seed pretreatment equipment, oil pressing equipment, oil cake solvent extraction equipment, and crude oil refining equipment.

Product Description
The basic process of sunflower oil making production line is: pretreatment→pressing→solvent extraction→crude oil refining.
After the sunflower seeds are screened by a vibrating screen, they enter the shelling machine, and then the shell kernels are separated, and then softened and adjusted to 8-9% water. The pre-press oil is filtered and sent to refining. The oil cake enters the solvent extractor to obtain sunflower meal and crude oil. The crude oil enters the refining process.Technology Process
Sunflower Seeds → Screening → Cleaning Impurities → Shelling → Crushing → Steaming And Frying → Pressing Crude Oil → Sunflower Oil And Cake

Sunflower Oil And Cake → Extractor → Solvent Recovery → Steam And Remove Wet Meal → Mixed Oil Treatment → Crude Oil And Meal

Sunflower Crude Oil → Alkali Refining → Degumming → Centrifugal Drying → Continuous Decolorization → Dewaxing → Continuous Deodorization → Filtration → Finished Sunflower Oil
Technology Feature
1. Pretreatment Process: Almost all the nutrients in sunflower oil are retained, the taste is refreshing and not greasy, and the content of polyunsaturated fatty acids is rich.

2. Solvent Extraction Process: Very high oil yield, low cost and higher economic efficiency. The most popular processing method in modern oil industry.

3. Refining And Dewaxing Process: Equipped with a PLC automatic control system, which improves the equipment configuration and production process requirements. The finished products produced are of higher quality and save manpower, which saves customers investment costs.

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