Advertise with us

 Advertise with us

The Cyberads is visited every day by more than 2,500 persons(1) . Benefit from its exposure and advertise with us.   Payments are made by Net Transfer ,Payza, Btc 


Please find hereafter the rates for advertising on the  Cyberads  Website. .

Dynamic Slots . Please note its not static one

 Banner Location and Size Monthly Yearly
Home Page sidebar(Medium Rectangle): 300x250 dimensions.  Rs 2000  20,000
Home Page Center(Leaderboard): 728x90 banner.  Rs 2000  20,000
Search Page Top: 728x90 dimensions.  Rs 1000  12000
Search Page Bottom(Leaderboard): 728x90 dimensions.  Rs 500  5000
Single Page sidebar: 300x250 dimensions.  Rs 500  5000

Interested members please contact our team via whatsapp or gmail

whatsapp no :+ 917559814417

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